Naming is a process consisting of many elements, in which the creation of names (or brand claims / taglines) is only one of the stages. Creating good ideas for a name is just the beginning of the road – they should be supported with solid linguistic, marketing, and legal analyzes.


1. At the client’s request, we enter into an NDA or other form of confidentiality agreement.
2. We sign a contract or an order for the creation of a name or a claim. Usually, a scan of a signed document is enough to start the work, we ask for payment in advance only in case of larger projects (names with the .com domain or projects extended with the implementation of the logo / CI).


3. We send the brief for a name template; we can complete it together by talking about the project by phone or during a videoconference. After completing the brief, we analyze it thoroughly, summarizing information about the expectations towards the name: its climate, language, associations, free domains, target group, etc.
4. We start the work by verifying the vocabulary characteristic of the industry which the name is to be associated with.


5. We create names until several dozen satisfactory proposals are made.
6. We select them in order to present the client with the 5–7 best (in each series of name proposals).
7. If a free, exact domain is required (e.g. NIPO – NIPO.PL), we check its availability and reject those names that have already taken domains.
8. We pre-verify each of the proposals that we plan to present in the EUIPO or PPO online databases. If an identical-sounding name is already patented, we reject it or describe in the presentation that exactly such name already exists, but is patented in other goods or service classes (Nice classification) than ours.
9. On request, we also verify the proposed names in Google – the first 10 results.
10. If the names are free, we check whether they have a negative meaning in other, key languages for the client (we ask to indicate 2-3 languages).


11. We prepare a presentation in which we discuss each proposed name separately, describing its phonetics, origin, substantive and marketing value. We attach the screenshots of the EUIPO and / or PPO online verification to the presentation in the form of a .zip archive.
12. After the client receives the presentation, we transfer the rights to the concept of the chosen name or, if no proposal was accepted, repeat steps 5 to 10 and prepare another series of name proposals.
13. If the client wants us to prepare another series of names, before starting further work, we ask to indicate the direction in which we should currently look for the name. Usually all it takes is to answer 2 or 3 questions: Which of the presented proposals was the best? Which was the worst? Which direction of the search is the most promising one? After such a debrief, we can also partially change the assumptions, e.g. if together with the client we decide that we have too limited range of industry vocabulary to obtain substantive names with free domains.
14. At the very end of the name creation stage (we guarantee up to 5 series, at least 5 proposed names in each of them), on client’s request, we can prepare a SWOT analysis of the final two names taken into account.


15. After selecting the name, we recommend its thorough patent verification by your chosen law office or by a lawyer cooperating with our naming agency, a patent law specialist. Legal verification on our side is an additional service, therefore we recommend its implementation only at this stage of work; checking all initial name suggestions would significantly increase the cost of naming.
16. In case it happens that the chosen name is not available (it may happen if, for example, someone registers a similar name at the same time), we return to the search or transfer the rights to another name that previously appeared in the proposals.
17. After you choose the name, we issue a VAT invoice, the payment of which is tantamount to transferring the copyright to the chosen concept of the name.

And that’s all. In fact, there is one more thing left: we always keep our fingers crossed for new brands and we observe with curiosity how they develop. On request, we can also extend the project with the implementation of a logo or visual identification, or help with introducing a new brand to the market. Feel invited!

Would you like some branding with that?